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01/05/23/0422- Updating for 2023

03/28/16/1429 - Updates resuming on Florida Actors

Effective immediately, updates will resume on the Florida Actors web site. We will be reading and answering emails daily, as well posting audition notices and actor listings.
All of our talent resource sites, this one included, have been on hold for several months pending work on new web sites and editorial reviews of content. This hold was not fair to our readers and the users of this site, as it made it useless for the most part, and for that, we apologize.
While we are unable to respond to past emails, as there are a lot of them, and many are months old, we will start to respond to email today and forward.
We will be updating content on this site until the new site launches.
Existing content on this site will be edited. Some will be removed. New content will be added, too, before the new web site launches. Content which is a conflict of interest with what our affiliates are doing or which is sensitive will be removed. New content, however, will prove to be more useful, as well as effective, and will be made available free of charge. This site will also be easier to use, soon.
For more about what is going on, please read today’s post on Florida Models, which has everything to do with what is going on here, as well.


Featured Talent

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Ken Horkavy

Actress, Model, Lookalike Artist



Deborah Smith Ford


NEWS 05/28/14/0812 - Florida Actors will be seeing a complete web site overhaul this Summer, with a brand new Athena Class site and the resumption of regular updates.
Rumors of a new, secret talent resource site persist, too.
2014 is shaping up to be our best year yet! - 05/28/14/0812

UPDATED 05/11/13 (01/12/13) - The first Athena Class site, for Independent Modeling, is now online. The Athena Class site will be the same web site design class which will be used by Florida Actors when our site is overhauled and re launched early in 2013, now scheduled for June 2013. For those of you who wish to see an example similar to what our new site will look like, feel free to take a look at Independent Modeling, although keep in mind that there will be differences, such as color scheme, menu links, logo, and other elements.
The classic emulated parts of our site (which was rushed online to keep our site active and officially has no web site design class), the site which is currently online, will remain online as an online archive and museum, as the new site will use new files and directories, and will be built over the existing site.
Florida Models will also be overhauled and re launched as a new Athena Class site around the same time. In related news, ou web team analysts are projecting that the new Florida Actors site will eventually be larger than Florida Models, as the acting profession is more complex, although both sites will be equally important. The sizes of the web sites will be a reverse of the historic trend, where Florida Models was larger.
There will be more news soon, too, but we cannot reveal it now. It’s a surprise!


05/28/14/0812- Actor Information updated in our actor section.

05/11/13 - Updated audition job board with several offers.

12/22/12 - Added information to our Post Audition Information For Actor Jobs In Florida section.

12/22/12 - Updated information for the Venue Theatre and Actors Studio in our Industry Links section.

12/22/12 - The new Florida Actors site will probably slip into the first part of January 2013 (We will be working an additional 16 hours a week to try to avoid this). It will be a state of the art Athena Class site, like the new Independent Modeling and Independent Acting use. The new Florida Actors site will then use the latest technologies and tools (we have this emulated version of the old site online at the moment to set up the museum idea and to maintain old files, as we did not have time to design a new site at the time that we acquired the site. This is why this site currently has no design class designation. There will be one more major update to this classic emulated archive/ museum site just before the new one launches, where ads will be added to the site). The existing files on this site will be maintained as an archive and an online museum, with links to the relevant sections on the new site. This page, the main index, will become the index and main page for the new site, and what is here right now will be archived as another file, with the existing files on the site (which will become the online museum and archives) referring to it. Due to the increased complexity of acting careers over modeling, it has been indicated, and forecast, that the acting sites will be larger than the modeling sites, which is opposite of what it was in the past.

12/22/12 - Actor added to our actor section. An actor was also removed (removed actors are usually not eligible to be added again, so please consider carefully before requesting that we take the time to remove your information, and make sure that it is for a good reason).

12/22/12 - Acting job added to Talent Jobs. Adjusted format for size/ menu error.

11/08/12 - Acting job added to Talent Jobs.

10/30/12 - Acting job added to Talent Jobs. Added a secret support page file.

10/30/12 - Florida Talent agency added to Industry Links under Florida Links.

10/30/12 - Another actor added to our Talent Listings section.

10/24/12 - New actor added to Talent Listings.

NEWS 09/28/12 - Florida Actors is getting a brand new web site in soon. The new web site will be as large as the one for Florida Models, as well! Check out the front page of sister site Florida Models for more information about this exciting news!

Welcome to Florida Actors, a free resource for actors and talent in Florida, providing you with castings, how-to start a career as an actor, talent agency information, talent listings, and, since this is now an Independent Acting site, how to manage, market, and work your career without going through a talent agency, while using the agencies as one of many sources of audition leads and acting jobs. We are not a talent agency, but an online networking and information resource. This site is family-friendly, and does not contain nudity or adult content.
Want to be a featured talent? Click here for more information.

Please do not ask us to link to sites which are scams, unethical, in direct competition with us, a talent agency site, or some other conflict of interest. Do not operate any type of talent profiles on such sites. We will not link to casting web sites, or portfolio / talent networking sites. We will definitely refuse to link to sites which steal job information from sites like ours (such sites also withhold the contact information, and then use the jobs as bait for talent to sign up for the site so that they can be sold something, usually before they are allowed to submit for the job. This is unethical, unprofessional, and another form of a talent job scam!). If you use a web site for your career, please make sure that it is a real web site with a domain name, or a social media account such as Facebook (IMDB is also acceptable). If you do use a social media account, and do not have a web site, you should at least obtain a domain name (less than $10.00 per year, paid to a company like Godaddy) and forward it to your social media account that you are using for a web site. Also, do not use your real name when you start your acting career; the best thing that many actors and talent do it to use their real first name, and then use a stage last name. After this, regarding investing in a domain name and then forwarding it to your online profile (if you do not have a web site to connect it to), not only will you preserve and protect your name and professional brand online, but when you do obtain a web site, you can then disconnect the forwarding feature and use the domain name for your web site.
Actually, if you do not have a web site, when the new Florida Actors web site launches in the fall of 2012, we will be able to set up full profiles here at no charge, and that can be the online profile that you can forward your domain name to. After you invest in a real web site, however, you can then use your domain name for that, and we will link to it from your actor profile on the site. The new site will only accept links to sites such as IMDB, Facebook, and similar sites.
It is strongly recommended, however, that not only do you invest in a domain name, but that you also invest in a professional web site. Actors, especially independent actors, who have real web sites and domain names enhance their professional credibility and marketability, and it is also easier to find them online, legitimately, through a search engine.

Welcome to a new chapter in the adventure which is Florida Actors! OnFlorida Actors forever! September 27, 2012, this web site, along with sister site Florida Models, obtained a new owner and editor, talent resource site maverick and expert C. A. Passinault, who also owns top industry talent resource sites Tampa Bay Modeling, Independent Modeling, Advanced Model, Tampa Bay Acting, Independent Acting, Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Film, and other talent and entertainment web sites. Passinault’s talent resource sites are the most advanced in the world, and both Florida Actors and Florida Models will directly benefit from the addition of proven, advanced concepts, content, and industry tools developed by Independent Modeling and the other talent resource sites. Much of this technology has been developed and refined over the past 11 years, and, when added to our two sites, will arm them to the teeth for what needs to be done. The new Florida Actors and Florida Models sites will be armed to combat scams and to empower independent talent in Florida to find and book work either with or without going through a modeling and talent agency, and they will be hardened against content and tools being stolen and reverse engineered.
Florida Actors is now an Independent Acting site, much like Tampa Bay Acting is. The site has a new mission, too. Florida Actors will focus on independent acting, which is freelance acting in jobs and roles booked without going through a talent agency, as well as helping actors to evaluate and screen acting jobs in Florida, especially independent film work. Professional actors no longer need to be dependent upon an agency to get jobs, although smart independent actors do obtain representation with several agencies, and they use them as one of many sources of acting jobs while looking for and booking work on their own, too.
Although we will try to respect Florida talent agencies, and acknowledge their place in the industry, this site will not be as accommodating for agencies from now on. We are not going to be nearly as agency-friendly as the site was under the founders and original owners, as a lot has changed since 1999. It is our opinion that talent agencies need to be kept in their proper place, and that place is finding work for actors, models, and talent. That is it, as the agencies work for the talent who they represent, and it is not the other way around, which the agencies have acted like. Our opinion is that talent agencies have no business managing talent, or telling them what to do in their careers, because it would be a working conflict of interest. How is it this way? Well, the agency also works for the competition of the actor or talent, which are others whom they represent and work for, too. Besides, if someone works for you, wouldn’t it be crossing the line if they tried to tell you what to do? Wouldn’t it be crossing the line if an employee told an employer what to do, tired to run the company, and told the employer that they had to go through them to function, and that the employer was too ignorant to work as a business without the employee guiding them? Employees which are insubordinate like that get fired. Talent agencies, although they are supposed to be working for the actors and talent, have long done this role reversal thing where they act like they are running the career of the talent, and they tell them what to do. Actors and talent have long accepted this backwards practice, as they were conditioned to believe that this is how the industry works, and that this was the only way that they could have a professional career.
Although our listed actor section does have a field for the agent/ agency of the actor, this is a relic from the old Florida Actors site, and no longer applies; we left it there for legacy purposes.
Florida Actors will also help actors screen and evaluate the riskiest of talent jobs in Florida- Independent Films. We will have articles, tutorials, and tools to assist actors with determining if a role in a Florida independent film is worth auditioning for. At the time of this writing, about 50% of the independent films made in Florida are not worth working on, with or without pay. Many of these films are poorly made, and do nothing to help the career of the actors involved. Other films, such as some horror films, for example, exploit actresses, making them do things that do not reflect well on them at all, and crippling the marketability of their career. A lot of independent films, especially in the Tampa Bay area, are both. With actors being more selective about which films that they will work on, it will force poor indie filmmakers to make their so-called “films” (videos and emulated snuff films) with amateur actors, limiting the damage that they can do in the industry, and make other independent filmmakers work hard at making good films. This is the only way that indie film in Florida will ever be put on the map, and it is the only way that filmmakers will earn the respect that they will finally deserve, and films are made that are worthwhile for actors to get involved with.
Florida Actors will also get involved with the industry agenda of sister sites Tampa Bay Acting, Independent Acting, and Tampa Bay Talent, and that is fighting scams that target actors and talent (and we can’t figure out why Florida Actors did not already have a scam section like Florida Models did, because acting scams are even worse than modeling scams, especially since more people are able to become actors than can become models. This makes the market to scam worse for actors, because it is a larger market. We cannot really complain, though, because our web sites never had much in the way of scam-fighting tools on them, either. This will change). Hear those commercials name-dropping kids shows (Wizards of whatever, etc) and other well-known projects on the radio, claiming that they some acting and talent school, and are casting for those projects? See those ads in the paper claiming that they are looking to discover actors, and that actors are needed for roles in television and movies? See ads for acting and talent jobs which claim that “no experience is necessary’? We’ve never seen a single one which has been legitimate. They are all scams!
The actor and talent resource sites, due to the additional complexities of these careers, will be large than the modeling sites, a reversal of what it was like from 2001 to the present. Florida Actors will, at least, be as large as Florida Models for the first time, and then will grow larger.

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